Описание товара

John Davey’s inventions in the field of tree surgery were numerous, and included tree cavity filling, tree cabling and bracing, large tree moving and innovations in fertilization and disease prevention. He was the named inventor, and recognition as the leader in tree science."The Tree Doctor" (1901) discussed Davey’s inventions and laid the groundwork for future patents (included in this edition: Patent #890,968 (1908) Process of Treating and Dressing a Bruise or Wound in the Trunk or Live Branch of a Live Tree, Patent #890,967 (1908) Means for Tying Tree Branches Together). He analogized tree surgery to physician care, effectively changing attitudes and perceptions. If you needed surgery, you visited the surgeon, not the local butcher. It is generally acknowledged that this book spawned an industry - tree care - and was truly ahead of its time.