The name of the rose

Описание товара

Onсe every three years the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) nominatesone rose for the Rose Hall of Fame. Only the most popular and famous varieties are inductedinto it. Throughout the whole period, starting from 1976 the Rose Hall of Fame has acceptedonly 15 modern roses, selected on the voting results of more than 30 thousand existing varieties.Undoubtedly, every lover and admirer of roses is eager at least to see all those roses notonly in the photographs, but «in the flesh» in one place. But such places are few. One of suchplaces has been created by the author of the book in the city of Yaroslavl.The book comprises information about all 15 varieties inducted into the Rose Hallof Fame, together with personal experience of their cultivation. Basic characteristics ofthe varieties, their names’ background, results of observations on them, as well as numerousphotos of roses and still-lifes, depicting their extraordinary beauty, are presented in the book.The final chapters inform the reader about the varieties from the Rose Hall of Famethat are popular with the Russian amateur rose breeders and loved by them. The would-becandidates for 2015 to be inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame are examined in the book as well.