Tell me your dream

Описание товара

Gladiator paused for a moment and then said, “Let me tell you a story from my childhood. I was five years old, I think. My guardian gave me a note book with three questions written on it. I was instructed to ask these questions every morning till I got the answers from God.The questions were:–1. Dear Universe, show me how I can serve you.2. Dear Universe, show me how I can serve humanity.3. Dear Universe, show me what I can do today that will make my heart sing with joy.It took me years to get the right answers.The answer to the first question was:– 1. Follow your dream, because that is My dream. That is the only way you can serve me.The answer to the second question was:– 2. Follow your dream, I gave you that dream so that you can serve humanity.The answer to the third question was:-3. Follow your dream. You can be happy only when you follow your dream.So, my friends, dream, then follow your dream. That is the best way to create and live a life of your dreams. I hope, now, you can understand the importance of your desires and dreams.”