Описание товара

“Warn the People Like in the Days of Noah” is a God-driven, inspired book. The servant of the Lord, Pastor Jones believes as God instructed Noah to build the Ark, he is using his children to compel men, women, boys, and girls of every nation, kindred and tongue to prepare for his return. It reveals how God does nothing without warning his servants the prophets. God’s will is none perish. He is proving his great love by reminding us of Noah and the flood, so we can prepare to the saving of our house like Noah. This time it will be “fire” instead of water. The repeated love of God is seen in his grace, mercy, and longsuffering to us all. He cannot change 2 Peter 3, all his word has to come to pass; but like Noah, no one has to be destroyed if they will come into the ark of safety (Jesus Christ/redeeming blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and our God). His arms are outstretched still. Make haste like Jonah because time is escalating towards the coming of the Lord. Come to Jesus while you have time. Servant, Pastor Mary V. Jones is pastor of Holy Temple Church of Deliverance, 5702 Sellger Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502, continuing to warn the people like in the days of Noah. (757-305-4385 phone contact number) May God have mercy on us all, in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Christian Faith Book Source of Reference-KJV