Nick mason berlin

Описание товара

Оригинальный выпуск. Состояние удовлетворительное. It's the FF vs. the Fuhrer! Will Nick Fury's ambitions of killing the leader of the Third Reich alter the world forever? The Invisible Woman and Johnny Storm combine their powers to form an invisible plane to travel around while trapped in the past as they chase Nick Fury to Berlin in his quest to kill Adolf Hitler, which inevitably alters history. While in Berlin Nick Fury is successful in reaching Hitler, as the team arrives following his signal but are led to a robot being built by the Nazis. They quickly split up with Johnny guarding the man, She-Hulk finishing with the crew and Invisible Woman renewing the search for Nick Fury. She quickly locates him being tortured by the Germans as they desire to learn of his bullet proof clothing, and other futuristic technology. However, Invisible Woman arrives invisibly taking down the men and spooking Hitler as she talks Fury out of killing him and they prepare to leave.