La estrella solitaria

Описание товара

At the young age of seventeen, Princess Estrella is saddled with a daunting task. When her brother, Gideon, is called away to join King Arthur’s round table, Estrella must assume command of her kingdom and family. Confident and obedient, she accepts the task but soon realizes the responsibility is much too big for one princess to handle alone. Estrella is suddenly called away on her own quest by the Lord God Almighty to seek friends and help those in need. Leaving in the night, she abandons her family—as well as the life she’s always known—for the wide world beyond her kingdom walls. Once in the real world, however, she discovers that there is much to see and do, and her spark for adventure is born. She finds friends in unlikely places and meets strange creatures: some good, some bad, and some only believed to exist in myth and legend. Estrella faces many challenges along the way, but she comes to learn that every experience teaches something. On this mad journey, will she grow into the strong woman she must be to rule a kingdom, or will she wander forever?