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PARENT ALERT!! THIS KIDS JOKE BOOK WILL MAKE THE KID THAT READS IT A MINI-COMEDIAN!! However, If you are open-minded about kids learning new jokes and becoming more self-confident and developing a stronger sense of humor than this book is for you!!Boys have a sense of humor of their own and now there is a joke book which is specifically for boys! In addition, it is not just a regular old joke book. This joke book is part of the Try Not to Challenge Joke Book series which people are absolutely loving. It is hard not to blame them! This joke book is a challenge between two contestants! If you haven’t heard of the rules, here they are:The two jokesters go back and forth telling each other jokesWhen the person listening laughs or even cracks a smile, the joke teller gets a pointThe first person to five points wins!This is a perfect gift for boys ages 5-12. Enjoy and have a Happy Holidays!